How much does it cost to become a member of the LTC Risk Legal Forum?

Once a defense firm’s application is approved they will be prompted to pay the applicable membership fee. All Memberships run for a one year period starting on the date the membership is activated and ending twelve months later.

The Annual Membership Fee for approved participating Defense Firms is $2,500.00 payable at the time of membership activation. There are no membership fees required for industry members (as defined by LMS.)

Payment can be made via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX & Discover) or by mailing a check made payable to:

Litigation Management Solutions at 270 Morton Ave., Albany, NY 12209.

Who is allowed to join the LTC Risk Legal Forum?

The Forum was designed and built for members of the long-term care industry and the law firms that represent them. Membership is limited to those law firms that represent the industry and the industry members who work with them. All potential members must complete an application and agree to the Forum’s Terms of Use and Code of Conduct, which is then reviewed by Litigation Management Solutions (LMS). When an application is approved an email is sent to the applicant informing them that their membership is active and they can the begin working on the The Forum.

How can the members be sure their information will not be shared with anyone outside the Forum members?

All members of the Forum as well as LMS and The Forum developers and hosting company, Media Marketers have agreed to keep the information on this site confidential and share its contents only with other members as appropriate or as required by law. All members have a unique password that only they know and they create. The Forum site is housed on private secure servers and is protected by SSL data encryption to insure the information is as secure as possible.

How Do I add documents to a database?

The Forum design is extremely simple and user friendly. Once you are in The Forum you will notice on the left hand side of almost every page is a grey area called the Member Dashboard and along the top of the page is a blue menu bar with various buttons. If a member wishes to add data to the site they will use the Dashboard, if they wish to search for information on the site, they use the blue menu bar at the top pf the page. To add a document you simply choose the area where you wish to add the document, (i.e. MY Other Documents) and a simple form, including a browser button, will appear. All fields with an * are required and you must check the copyright certification box. The browser button allows you to browse your computer for the content you wish to share.

Is LMS associated or affiliated with any other company or entity?

No. Litigation Management Solutions L.L.C. (LMS) is a Limited Liability Corporation with no affiliation, legal or otherwise, to any other corporate entity or private company/entity. LMS is not owned or operated by any other company or affiliate including but not limited to any law firms who might become members of The Forum or Long-Term Care Companies who might benefit from the use of The Forum.

Can Firms who represent plaintiffs against the Long Term Care Industry join The Forum?

No. Only approved defense firms with the requisite experience defending the long-term industry care are eligible to become members.

How much does it cost to be an individual attorney member?

The forum does not support individual attorney memberships. The attorney’s firm must first complete a Firm Application and be approved. Once the firm’s application is approved and account is set up, it is allowed five individual members on the Forum.

I am the administrator of my firm’s membership: How do I add our 4 other members?

All firm members are allowed 5 individual member profiles. The individual who completes the firm application is automatically assigned as that firm’s administrator. The administrator is the only firm user that can create or edit the firm’s homepage. You can change who is assigned as administrator by emailing us a request. To add other firm members the individuals simply complete the Member Application on the log in page. It is important that the additional members us their firm contact information in the application.

My Firm Practices in multiple States, can we be listed in multiple states on The “Search Firms” interactive map of the US?

At this time we a not able to list firms in multiple states as it is very difficult to determine which firms practice in which states and would ultimately compromise the usefulness of the data. We limit each firm to the state where there home office is located however there are multiple ways to let the membership know all of the states in which you practice, (i.e. Your Firm Homepage, Firm Spotlight, Wiki entries etc.)