About the Forum

The Long-Term Care Risk /Legal Forum (The Forum) is an on-line collaborative network of professionals who serve the long-term care industry. The Forum’s purpose is to provide the long-term care industry a secure on-line environment where legal and risk management professionals throughout the country can share information and ideas in an effort to more effectively manage and reduce risk.

Who can participate?

The Long-Term Care Risk/Legal Forum was designed and built specifically for the risk management and legal professionals of the long-term care industry. It is a secure environment where industry professionals can share information with each other and the defense firms who represent them all over the United States. Because it is a secure environment, only members are allowed, insuring that information on the site comes only from those with knowledge of the industry. An online environment, where all the key players come together in one collaborative forum.

Why collaborate?

Across the Unites States the frequency of claims has more than doubled and severity has tripled in the long-term care industry since 1996.” – AON LTC Benchmarking Study

For years now the long-term care industry has been under siege by plaintiff attorneys all over the country. The wave of litigation has now traveled coast to coast. The plaintiffs bar realizes that the results of every case affect them all. That is why they gather and share information and ideas with each other. They build on each others successes and learn from each others failures. And although they compete with one another, they constantly collaborate. In order to compete, you must do the same.

What type of data can be shared?

Documents of all types & formats (i.e. briefs, transcripts, Powerpoint presentations, spreadsheets, graphics, photos, video, training materials mediation presentations and more.)

Expert Witness Databank

A place to store all of the expert witness information used within the industry (i.e. deposition transcripts, CVs, articles, publications…)

Brief Databank

A place to store all pertinent briefs on hot topics (i.e. discovery, punitive damages, alternative dispute resolution, electronic discovery…)

And more…

  • Articles
  • Links
  • News
  • Comments
  • Upcoming events
  • Recent Verdicts

How does the LTC Risk/Legal Forum Benefit the Defense Firms?

The Forum is a secure environment and only members are allowed on the site. Only firms who actually represent the long-term care industry can join. Within The Forum each member firm will have its own page, on which they can share information about their firms experience representing the long-term care industry. On this page they can provide links to information about their firm such as contact information, newsletters, attorney bios, recent successes, awards articles written and more.

Members of the industry also benefit, in addition to the ability to collaborate with other industry members, they can easily conduct a search by state and review the firms that are forum members. They can use the firms page to become familiar with their strengths in this very specific area of the law. The firm members are screened individually by LMS to confirm they represent the long-term care industry. Also each member firm will be periodically spotlighted on The Forum dashboard page and will be asked to submit an article to be shared on The Forum dashboard.