LTC Forum Annual Meeting

  • All members are invited to attend LTC Forum Annual Meeting!
  • Next Meeting is tentatively planned for Spring 2022
  • Networking Opportunities * Earn CLE Credits * Distinguished Keynote Speakers

Why Join Us?

  • Collaborate with long-term care industry professionals.
  • Share data with defense-firm members and industry professionals.
  • Publish articles, stay informed about industry news and educate fellow members.
  • Connect with potential clients and industry peers.


  • Ask questions.
  • Share documents.
  • Access all Forum data.
  • Attend annual meeting.


  • Attend webinars.
  • Learn from legal professionals.
  • Discover leading industry vendors.


  • Create firm profile.
  • Publish firm profile in LTCForum Annual Directory.
  • Showcase your firm’s long-term care experience.
  • Develop individual member profile.

Membership Includes….


LTC Forum Website

LTC Forum members receive full access to all website data. Each member creates his or her own personal profile and every law firm has its own personal firm page.


LTC Forum Defense Firm Directory

A professionally-designed directory featuring current defense-firm members is mailed annually to approximately 1,000 industry professionals at more than 135 long-term care companies, insurance companies, defense counsel and third-party administrators.


LTC Forum Annual Summit Meeting and Tradeshow

This annual event is not to be missed! All industry members and defense-firm members are invited at no extra cost. This unique networking opportunity allows members to meet with potential clients, industry peers and extremely talented vendors who support long-term care businesses.

The Long-Term Care Risk Legal Forum is an important tool that this industry has needed for some time. It is nice to have a place to stay up to date on industry news specific to our niche, while also being able to share important information quickly and easily with other industry members and defense counsel all over the country. The Forum has also been a great resource for seeking qualified counsel in this complex area of the law.
Hans Koehler
Vice President Liability Claims, KINDRED HEALTHCARE
The Long-Term Care Risk Legal Forum is a great source of industry news and valuable practice information for our firm in this complex area of the law. Not only does the Forum help my staff and I stay current on the industry news, legal developments and cutting-edge practice strategies, but it also is a valuable marketing tool for our healthcare team. I wholeheartedly recommend membership in the Forum to any firm that services the long-term care industry.
Anthony Fernandez
Partner, Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer
This is a time of increased risk as long term care providers face heightened legal challenges from both government and private sectors. As a defense attorney I believe it is essential that we team together to develop the collaborative data base available through the Long Term Care Legal Risk Forum’s secure portal. Very simply, the Long Term Care Legal Risk Forum is a vital resource for anyone who is committed to the success of the LTC industry.
Kippy Wroten
Founder & Shareholder, Wroten & Associates