$7.5M awarded in nursing home suit

Laurel jury finds in favor of Grace Fugate in 6-year-old court case

CORBIN — By Carl Keith Greene / Staff Writer

“This vindicates me. This vindicates me. They can’t say I lied, anymore,” Grace Fugate told her lawyer as they hugged at Fugate’s Laurel Heights apartment.

Annette Morgan said when the news was broken, “She grabbed me and hugged me, threw her arms around me and started to cry.”

Morgan had represented Fugate in a three-day trial in Laurel circuit court.

After 90 minutes of deliberation, the jury returned a verdict charging Corbin’s Hillcrest Nursing Home $383,097.95 for past medical expenses, $766,195.90 for future medical expenses and $1 million for past and future physical, mental and emotional pain and suffering.

Fugate was also awarded $5 million in punitive damages.

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