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Subject Matter: When Things Go Wrong: Responding to Adverse Events
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 When Things Go Wrong: Responding to Adverse Events

In March 2004, responding to evidence of wide
variation in the way both Harvard hospitals and
hospitals nationally communicate with patients
about errors and adverse events, a group of risk
managers and clinicians from several Harvard
teaching hospitals, the School of Public Health,
and the Risk Management Foundation (Malpractice
Captive for the Harvard Teaching Institutions)
assembled to explore and discuss issues surrounding
this subject. We soon agreed it would be useful
to consider all aspects of an institutionÕs response
to an unanticipated event and to try to develop an
evidence-based statement addressing these crucial
issues. The Working Group began to meet monthly
and quickly expanded to include patients and legal

Document Author: Harvard Hospitals
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Document Date: January 1, 1970
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