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Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed into law the Fair Share Act,
which significantly limits the age-old Commonwealth doctrine of joint
and several liability.

the prior law, all defendants found negligent in causing injury to a
person or property, could be required by plaintiff to satisfy the entire
award.  It is then up to the paying defendant to seek recovery of its
non-proportional share from the remaining defendants.  Under this
doctrine, a deep-pocket person or entity could be found 1% negligent,
but responsible for the entire award if it were the only defendant with
the financial means to pay the award.


the Fair Share Act, defendants found to be less than 60% at fault would
not have to pay more than their proportional share of the damages
awarded.  Joint and several liability will continue to apply only in the
following circumstances:

·         Where there is an intentional misrepresentation;

·         an intentional tort;

·         the defendant’s proportional share of liability is found to be 60% or greater;

·         certain environmental claims; and

·         violations of the Pa liquor code.


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