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resident of a nursing home to conduct electronic monitoring of the resident’s

Stinziano provided sponsor testimony for the bill, which he said would
“bolster Ohioans’ already existing legal ability to utilize electronic
monitoring devices in their nursing home rooms and to clarify and reinforce
the Ohio attorney general’s existing authority to conduct such

Stinziano said while nursing home residents may already utilize hidden
cameras or electronic monitors in their rooms to catch criminals, he wanted
to make it clear in law that this practice cannot be infringed.

Rep. Butler said the legislation allows for a family member to install these
devices, and asked which family members would have this ability. 

Stinziano said it is meant to be the primary caretaker.

Rep. Pelanda said many nursing homes have rooms that house more than one
patient. She asked how the other person is protected from these devices.

Stinziano said that is a challenge under current law, and ultimately did not
address that in this legislation.

Pelanda asked if there is opposition to the bill.

Stinziano said he has not heard direct opposition, and said the nursing home
industry would like more clarity on this issue. He said he’s sure they will
hear from those who are not happy with this route, but said his intent is to
protect those who can’t protect themselves.

Butler said the fact that any family member can put these devices in place is
an issue, and asked if there is a threshold in the attorney general’s

Stinziano said he will clarify that issue with the Legislative Services
Commission (LSC).


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