Document Category: Legal
State: Oklahoma
Subject Matter: OK Non-Economic Damages Caps
Document Title: Beason v. I.E. Miller Services Inc. - OK Supreme Court

The attached case rules that the cap on non-economic damages of $350,000 is an unconstitutional special law.  At the trial level, the jury awarded $5M to the husband and $1M to the wife as non-economic damages. The trial judge then reduced the awards to $350,000 each, in accordance with the existing cap on damages.  Plaintiffs appealed and the Supreme Court issued a decision that the cap on non-economic damages was unconstitutional and remanded the case for the judge to enter the original jury verdict.


This will have a major impact on cases moving forward and I expect to hear from all the plaintiff’s lawyers about how the value of cases will be going up.  The legislature is still in session and I would expect some revised version of damage caps to come out, but there is no telling when that might be.


Document Author: OK Suprreme Court
Firm/Company: Shared by McDaniel Acord & Lytle
Document Date: April 23, 2019
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