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Long-term care facilities are held to high standards of care, both under the law and in the eyes of the public. Lawsuits can quickly tarnish the reputation of your organization. Additionally, the intensive level of scrutiny that accompanies legal claims can also jeopardize your profits and business objectives. Defending against these claims requires a proactive strategy from the outset. The lawyers at McDonald Veon, P.A., have a longstanding history of success in this area of law. Our legal team consists of seasoned litigators who are well-known for their commitment to excellence in litigation defense. One of the firm's principals, attorney Ted McDonald, has built a respected reputation for his practice in this niche field.

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The aging baby-boomer population has created unprecedented demand for long-term care providers. In this highly regulated industry, almost every opportunity comes with risks and challenges. The legal facets of operating a successful long-term care organization can be complex. And when disputes arise, millions upon millions of dollars may be at stake. Reputable Legal Counsel With Decades Of Experience At McDonald Davidson, P.A., in the Kansas City area, we provide legal guidance and litigation services for long-term care providers across the country. Our principal attorney in this field, Ted McDonald, has devoted much of his career to this niche area of law. He is actively involved in the industry and has filled leadership roles in one of the nation's leading litigation defense associations. His reputation for excellence is reflected in his professional recognition by Super Lawyers and Rising Stars.

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