Wilkes & Mchugh verdict in PA

& McHugh just obtained a $3.5 million verdict in Allegheny County,
Pennsylvania against UPMC.  The case involved hospital-acquired pressure
ulcers that deteriorated and became infected; the patient eventually required
amputation of his right foot.

briefly summarize Plaintiffs’ theory of liability, John Scrima underwent lower
back surgery and received inpatient rehabilitation at Mercy Hospital (a
hospital affiliated with UPMC, the largest hospital system in Western
Pennsylvania).  During his admission, he was allegedly left on a bedpan
for a prolonged period of time and, as a result, developed wounds on his
coccyx, right buttock and left buttock that deteriorated and progressed to one
large Stage IV wound; the wound subsequently became infected.  Mr. Scrima
also allegedly developed a left heal wound that became infected and required a
below the knee amputation after ten (10) separate surgeries to try to save the
foot.  Notably, Mr. Scrima is still living.

the verdict slip becomes available on the Allegheny County Prothonotary’s
website, I will send it along.  Please let me know if you have any
questions or require further information at this time.


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