Verdict in Memphis Nursing Home Case

We have learned that the award was for  $2.35 M in compensatory damages and $28 M in punitive damages.  It was a wrongful death case against Allenbrooke  Nursing and Rehabilitation Center; Aurora Cares, LLC; DTD HC; D & N, LLC; Donald Denz and Norbert Bennet.


Plaintiff’s counsel was  Cameron Jehl, Ken Conner, and Carey Acerra.  We understand that Craig Conley and Andrea la’Verne Edney handled much of the trial for the facility. DTD HC; D & N, LLC; Donald Denz and Norbert Bennet are owners of Allenbrooke Nursing and Rehabilitation Center; LLC;  attached is the copy of the ownership percentages.


The case was filed in 2010 before the Tennessee tort reforms and caps on damages became effective.  Plaintiff Cindy Hatfield filed the action as executrix of the estate of her mother, Martha Jane Pierce.  Ms. Pierce was 81 years old when she developed a pressure ulcer allegedly leading to an amputation and ultimately, her death.  We are not sure as to the length of her residency.


We do know that there were multiple motions filed and understand most rulings favored Plaintiff.  This was the last case Judge Donna Fields was to hear as she is retiring at the end of this month.


This was one of only a few “pre-tort reform” cases in Tennessee.   We will  continue to look the filings and inquire as to court rulings and will follow up with you as we gain additional information.


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