Verdict out of London, Kentucky in a Medical Malpractice Case

We just became aware of a verdict out of London, Kentucky in a medical malpractice case brought by Louisville attorney Hans Poppe.   A cardiologist in London, Sandish Patil,  was convicted of Medicare fraud and is serving time for his practices.  In addition, he had to surrender his medical license.  The hospital involved, St. Joseph – London, agreed to pay $16.5 million in fines.   Mr. Poppe has filed at least 300 of these cases claiming that his clients received medical procedures that were medically unnecessary.  Three of the case have gone to trial.  The first two resulted in defense verdicts.


This recent verdict arises from allegations that a pacemaker was implanted without medical necessity.  The Laurel County jury awarded $1.25 million for pain and suffering and $20 million for punitive damages.  Laurel County is primarily a Republican county and considered conservative.  The county is located in Southern Kentucky and has a population of approximately 60,000, comprised of predominately Caucasian individuals with a small African-American population (0.7%) and small native American population

(0.3%).  Hans Poppe’s practice includes a broad range of plaintiff injury cases including medical malpractice and nursing home abuse cases.  The link to the article about the verdict is attached.



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