Minne Jewell v. Collierville Health and Rehab - Plaintiffs Verdict $900K

The jury (7 women/7 men, 6 Caucasian, 7 African-Americans and 1
Hispanic) awarded 100K to the resident Ms. Jewell for pain and
suffering and wrongful death. The jury award the family daughters $800K
for loss of consortium. Only the facility was a defendant and there
were no corporate issues. The last offer that was rejected was less
than $80K. It was a simple model for PA, Parke Morris, as opposed to
the corporate model developed and used by Wilkes, Nix and Marks. The
claim was only for med mal/wrongful death. There were no adult
protection or resident rights’ claims.  PA tried the case alone and the
defense team was large. I will share additional information as I
receive it. Rebecca


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