IL Verdict

Mayfield Care Center won a not guilty finding at trial before
Judge James P. McCarthy in Cook County, Illinois. The court entered Judgment in
favor of Mayfield and against the Plaintiff on 6/17/15. The court heard
evidence in the case between 3/17/15 and 3/23/15. The lawsuit, filed in 2011,
was TELISHA LILETON DEAL, as Special Administrator of the Estate of FELICIA
LILETON DEAL, Deceased, v. MAYFIELD CARE CENTER, INC. Felicia Deal, 46 years old,
was admitted to Mayfield for nursing and rehabilitation care specifically
relating to her tracheostomy. On 6/9/10, Ms. Deal complained of shortness of
breath and went into respiratory arrest, then cardiac arrest. A Code Blue was
called by the Mayfield staff and 911 was called. Ms. Deal was pronounced dead
after resuscitation was unsuccessful. Plaintiff claimed that the Mayfield staff
did not provide suctioning of Ms. Deal’s tracheostomy pursuant to her doctor’s
orders and that the lack of suctioning allowed the build-up of secretions
leading Ms. Deal to suffocate and die, leaving a husband and college-age
daughter surviving her. The defense argued that Ms. Deal’s suffocation and
death were unavoidable and due to the migration of a mucus plug from the base
of her lungs to her upper airway and causing a sudden blockage. Plaintiff had
asked the court to award $1,225,000 as compensatory damages, as well as
attorneys’ fees and costs.

I spoke with defense counsel, who indicated that Plaintiff never
filed a jury demand (basically committed malpractice).  No other
codefendants in the case.  The Plaintiff’s Counsel was Steven M. Dicker of
Chicago. (he is considered to be a bottom feeder).  Demand was $2 million

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