Clarke & Mathis - Hall Estill OK Trial Win for Sun Healthcare

Harvey Privett, as Special Administrator of Winner Orr, deceased, Plaintiff




Peak Medical Oklahoma No. 4, Inc., d/b/a Southp Park Healthcare Center, SunbBridge Healthcare Corporation, Peak Medical Corporation, & Sun Healthcare Group, Inc., Defendants


On March 28, 2011, Margaret M. Clarke and Rachel C. Mathis, with Hall Estill, obtained a defense verdict for their clients, the above named defendants, after a 6-day trial in Oklahoma City before Judge Bryan Dixon in a wrongful death nursing home case.


The allegations by the plaintiff were that Mr. Privett’s mother, 78-year old Winnie Orr, while a resident at South Park Healthcare Center, choked, aspirated and had a heart attack, resulting thereby causing in her death. Plaintiff further alleged that Ms. Orr required assistance and/or supervision while eating and the failure to provide such resulted in Ms. Orr choking and therefore causing her death.  Ms. Clarke and Ms. Mathis as defense counsel, argued that Ms. Orr’s did not need assistance or supervision, did not choke and that Ms. Orr’s  heart disease caused the her death.


The jury was out only 1 ½ hours before returning a 9-3 verdict for the defense verdict. Counsel for the Plaintiff’s counsel , John Wiggins, with Wiggins, Sewell & Ogletree, as well as Travis Siegel with Maples & Associates, had sought $3-5 million from the jury.


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