ProPublica Introduces “Nursing Home Inspect” Database

ProPublica, an independent newsroom that produces investigative
journalism, published an article entitled “What We Found Using Nursing Home Inspect.” The article introduced an interactive and searchable database of the nation’s nursing homes, known as “Nursing Home Inspect.” ProPublica describes the database as “a tool that allows anyone to easily search and analyze the details of recent nursing home inspections, most completed since January 2011.” The database is based on the recently updated Nursing Home Compare website published by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (“CMS”), discussed in our recent article, which is available by clicking here.

ProPublica’s Nursing Home Inspect website allows individuals to do a key word search of survey information that is now available on CMS’ Nursing Home Compare.  The survey information available includes the narrative portion of CMS Form-2567 survey reports, which include the surveyor’s comments about deficiencies at a facility. In its article, ProPublica states that “[f]or decades, federal auditors have flagged dangerous and neglectful conditions in U.S. nursing homes and faulted the government’s oversight” and “[h]aving the reports searchable online will help identify problematic trends and encourage homes to make needed fixes faster, advocates say.”

The database allows individuals to search by terms such as “elopement,” which will pull all of the CMS Form-2567 survey reports that include such term.  This will allow those that access the database to quantify certain statistics about nursing homes as a whole or by state or region. The nursing home industry has expressed concerns that the database will provide little value to
consumers, but will provide a resource for those who are seeking to quantify and publicize negative statistics relating to the long term care industry.

The ProPublica article and database are available by clicking here.