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State: Connecticut
Subject Matter: Health Care Provider Survey
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Perspectives from Healthcare Providers:  How Healthcare Reform Will
Affect their Business, their Patients, and their Use of Technology
A recent survey conducted by IVANS, Inc. reveals that healthcare providers believe in the
importance of healthcare reform, but they are concerned about the toll proposed approaches could
take on their businesses and patients. For example, 72% of healthcare providers believe a pay-for-
performance model could lead to improved patient outcomes, but 79% said it would increase their
costs of doing business.  Providers believe a national health insurance plan would be even less
effective, with 60% saying it would either increase costs or have no affect at all.  This white paper is
the first in a series that will cover a variety of technology issues surrounding healthcare reform and
how providers are responding. 

Document Author: Cecile M. Locurto
Firm/Company: IVANS INC
Document Date: February 20, 2020
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