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State: Georgia
Subject Matter: Georgia’s Proposed Personal Care Home Rules Criticized and Postponed
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At 10 a.m. on December 29, 2010, the Department
of Community Health (“DCH”) held a meeting
to allow for public comment upon its proposed
Personal Care Home rules. Approximately 250 people
gathered – some standing or in overflow — to voice their
concerns over the rules. Those included administrators and
staff from smaller personal care homes, owners and operators
of larger homes, and representatives from Georgia’s PCH
member organizations.

Lisa Marie Shekell notified the audience at the outset that
DCH had already agreed to take another look at the rules
and to not present the current proposed rules to the Board
at its next meeting. Despite this, the meeting lasted three
hours and many individuals took the opportunity to express
their disappointment and concern over the rules.

Nearly every speaker voiced a desire that a task force be
assembled to take a further look at the rules or to consider
rewriting them entirely. Walter Coffee (Pres. & CEO of
Aging Services of Georgia) requested that DCH assemble
a task force composed of consumers, providers, agency
experts and surveyors. Judy Gill (GAACP) echoed these
suggestions, and many speakers commented upon the lack
of communication from DCH throughout this process.

Smaller operators disagreed with the rules in that they
propose to treat 2- to 6-bed homes differently based upon
whether the operator lives at the home. They stressed that
stringent construction/design rules would force smaller
operators to close.


Document Author: Dana Durrett
Firm/Company: Hall Booth Smith & Slover
Document Date: February 20, 2020
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