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Subject Matter: LTC Professional - May 2012
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Good morning and may you be enjoying a fine week. Attached is the May edition of LTC Professional. This month the firm’s contribution relates to FLSA automatic meal deduction collective action lawsuits. I hope it’s informative and useful.

On the legislative front in Tennessee, the General Assembly adjourned having considered many items of interest to LTC providers. For the defense, we are pleased that defense counsel in a medical malpractice lawsuit will be allowed to have informal discussions with a plaintiff’s treating physician through a new health care information and interview procedure that will be effective 7-1-12. Also effective 7-1-12, is legislation allowing LTC providers to employ full-time physicians. As the one-year anniversary of the Tennessee Civil Justice Act arrives on 10-1-12, we are seeing an increase in records requests and pre-suit notices (Tennessee has a 1 year SOL for medical malpractice/wrongful death claims), however, the good news is we expect claims to decrease over the next 18 months consistent with the trends in states that passed tort reform/damages caps legislation.


Finally, today the firm celebrates its 11th year serving the Southeast region. Personally and on behalf of our team, let me express our gratitude for allowing us to partner with you and help in meeting the needs of your organizations and amazing healthcare professionals. Our commitment to the industry makes us feel proud and we also celebrate today everyone who plays a part in providing quality care and support  to residents and their families.


~Rebecca  Adelman

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