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Quintairos, Prieto,Wood & Boyer, P.A. was founded as a nursing home defense firm. We offer a full array of services for skilled nursing facilities, independently-owned facilities, sub-acute care facilities and long-term care facilities. Our strength lies in our experience and commitment to this area of practice. QPWB’s founding partners include the following well-known and experienced litigators: George Quintairos, Edward Prieto, Hugh Wood, Jr., and Eric Boyer. We have the reputation for representing clients aggressively whether by settlement or through effective and tenacious trial representation. Over the years, QPWB attorneys have handled hundreds of negligence and wrongful death suits. QPWB attorneys routinely litigate and try nursing home cases involving: Alleged misdiagnosis and treatment of decubitus ulcers, weight loss, malnutrition, dehydration, dementia, confusion, and fractures Alleged assertions of improper use of restraints, inadequate supervision, intentional misconduct, and sexual abuse Alleged elderly abuse, neglect, exploitation, and mistreatment

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CHICAGO – QPWB partner, Laura G. Postilion, obtained judgment for the defense on behalf of her clients, Rockford Memorial Hospital and Lori Ortberg, LCSW. Plaintiff alleged that 48 year old Keith Stanphill presented to Rockford Memorial Hospital's Employee Assistance Program [“EAP”] for an assessment and referral to a counselor. EAP counselor, Lori Ortberg, assessed Mr. Stanphill and determined that he suffered from adjustment disorder with depressed mood due to marital stressors occasioned by the suspected infidelity of his wife, Susan Stanphill. Ms. Ortberg referred Mr. Stanphill to a local counselor, Norm Dasenbrook. An appointment was made with Mr. Dasenbrook. Approximately six days later, Mr. Stanphill committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning.

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