First Name: Ms. Luanne
Last Name: Trahant, R.N.
Organization: unk
Address Line 1: unk
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City: Pineville
State: Louisiana
Postal Code: unk
Expert Witness Specialty Nursing RN/LPN
Type of Witness: Plaintiff
E-Mail Address: unk
Mobile Email Access: Yes
Web Address: http://
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Active or Retired: Active

Expert in King v. Brown Dev. Inc.


Mrs. Trahant is an experienced RN with 19 years in the medical field, of which

12 years were spent in management as a Nursing Home DON, Administrator,

Charge Nurse and Case Manager. Luanne is also a
Nationally Certified Legal

Nurse Consultant
(see LNC Locater at www. ) with 7 years

experience consulting and providing
Expert Testimony in Nursing Home

Negligence, Toxic Tort Litigation, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death

and Personal Injury.
In addition to working as a Legal Nurse Consultant,

Luanne has worked in other various areas in the medical field including

Pediatrics, Med -Surg, Hospice Care, Telemetry, ICU / CCU, Orthopedics,

Physical Rehab, Psych, and Home Health.
Whether a Plaintiff or Defense  firm Luanne is prepared to help you and your

legal team sort out confusing and difficult medical issues and develop the most

effective case strategy.

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