First Name: Dr. Lige
Last Name: Rushing, M.D.
Organization: Private Practice
Address Line 1: 8210 Walnut Hill Lane
Address Line 2: Suite 120, Presbyterian Professional Bldg.
City: Dallas
State: Texas
Postal Code: 75231
Expert Witness Specialty Physicians
Type of Witness: Plaintiff
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Mobile Email Access: 0
Web Address: http://
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Active or Retired: Active

Dr. Rushing is Board Certified in Rheumatology, Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, and as an Independent Medical Examiner. He also has experience in Nursing Home, Personal Injury, Disability, and HMO and PPO cases.

Dr. Rushing’s Medical Degree is from Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas. His Fellowship/Residency in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology was served at The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

He has been in full-time private practice for more than twenty years. At Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas, where he is an Attending Physician, he was President of the Medical/Dental Staff 1983-1984, and has been the Chairman of the By-Laws Committee from 1989 to the present.

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