First Name: Dr. David
Last Name: Seignious
Organization: David Seignious, M.D.
Address Line 1: 4208 Chisolm Road
Address Line 2:
City: Charleston
State: South Carolina
Postal Code: 29455
Expert Witness Specialty Geriatrics
Type of Witness: Plaintiff
E-Mail Address:
Mobile Email Access: Yes
Web Address: http://
Mobile Number:
Phone Number:
Active or Retired: Active

Expert in King v. Brown Development Inc.

I am a practicing internal medicine/geriatrician in Charleston, S.C. who is available for consulting assignments in my field of expertise. This includes: areas of geriatric medicine, nursing home and hospital standards of care, and personal and occupational injury. My experience includes both plantiff and defense work as well as over 13 years of office/hospital private practice.

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