First Name: Dr. Christopher M
Last Name: Davey
Organization: Christopher M. Davey, M.D.
Address Line 1: 2191 9th Ave
Address Line 2: Ste 105
City: Saint Petersburg
State: Florida
Postal Code: 33713
Expert Witness Specialty Geriatrics
Type of Witness: Plaintiff
E-Mail Address: unk
Mobile Email Access: Yes
Web Address: http://
Mobile Number:
Phone Number:
Fax: 727-323-1010
Active or Retired: Active

Dr. Davey attended medical school in London and trained as a pathologist at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, Florida but since 1987 has practiced in adult and geriatric medicine. He is certified by the American Academy of Wound Management as a Board Certified Wound Specialist and is a trained Hyperbaric specialist. (Hyperbaric medicine is the treatment of wounds and other conditions using high pressure oxygen). His practice includes out-patient, hospital and nursing home settings in adult internal medicine. He also works at two hospital based wound care and Hyperbaric medicine centers.
He has testified extensively for both plaintiff and defense in cases involving geriatric issues, falls, wounds (“wounds” includes bedsores and pressure ulcers), complex medical cases and standards of care. His pathology background gives him the expertise to render opinions on cause of death and wrongful death issues. He speaks with a mild British accent and is fluent in French and German. Please contact him at his office 727.321.1234 or cell phone 727.641.4501



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